Storyboard Revisionist

Walt Disney TV Animation

Responsible for revising, supplementing and cleaning up storyboards as directed. Duties include working closely with Director and Storyboard Supervisor to draw storyboard revisions adhering to feedback and Director and/or Executive notes.

I’m currently working as a revisionist on Sofia the First.

*Provided revisions and addition storyboards for editorial.
*Assisted the Director with retakes.

Sofia the First (TV Series) (storyboard revisionist – 17 episodes)

  • A Tale of Two Teams (2015) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Buttercup Amber (2015) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Sidekick Clio (2015) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Substitute Cedric (2015) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Clover Time (2014) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Winter’s Gift (2014) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Baileywhoops (2014) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Scrambled Pets (2014) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Princesses to the Rescue! (2014) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Mystic Meadows (2014) … (storyboard rev
Storyboard Artist


*Provided revisions and addition storyboards for editorial.
*Assisted with art direction on select sequences to include a 3 min music video. By creating boards and color concepts for the overseas studio.

*Created storyboards for “Chloe’s Closet” episode 249 “Camp Chloe.”

Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch (TV Series) (assistant storyboard artist – 3 episodes)

  • Sabrina the Troll Princess (2014) … (assistant storyboard artist)
  • Faking Up Is Hard to Do (2013) … (assistant storyboard artist)
  • Ice Giant for Tea (2013) … (assistant storyboard artist)

Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch (TV Series) (storyboard revisionist – 5 episodes)

  • Sabrina the Troll Princess (2014) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Faking Up Is Hard to Do (2013) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • No Time (2013) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Shock Rock (2013) … (storyboard revisionist)
  • Scream It with Flowers (2013) … (storyboard revisionist)


Prepares art work, sketches, charts, and layouts for publications, presentations, displays, training, visual information production, and medical requirements. Operates visual information equipment; assists in preparing and using visual information aids and audio or video recordings.

Clean Artist / Storyboard Artist


Assisted with the production of the pilot for Disney’s “Motorcity.”
My work included clean-up and coloring in Flash and some composite work in After effects.


Academy of Art University




Nominated for Best Storyboard, Academy of Art University


The Air Force Achievement Medal, USAF


Storyboard Storyboard Revisionist